Laboratoire Sintyl

Sintyl laboratory Geneva

Since 1974, Laboratoire Sintyl, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, has been synonymous with innovation, pioneering research, testing and production, and excellent quality and safety. Physiocoiffeur is a targeted and innovative system that combines specific working techniques with a complete range of the highest-quality products. Physiocoiffeur is a critical concept for those determined to improve their scalp and hair conditions and to eradicate not only the symptoms but also their fundamental causes.

At the root of every problem, there is always an imbalance, which is where Physiocoiffeur goes into action. The plant ingredients, essential oils, and massages make the treatments as pleasant and engaging for those who receive them as they are for those who give them. The health and treatment of one’s hair can become a genuine ritual for wellbeing. The Physiocoiffeur concept is rooted in the receiver’s awareness and is characterised by the specific nature of each treatment in order to achieve optimum results in the trichological sector.