HS Balancing Shampoo Oily Hair

150 ml


This is a shampoo that is specific for use on the scalp to regulate the hyper-secretion of the sebaceous glands that results in oily skin. While gently cleansing, it removes excess sebum residue, thus reducing the scalp’s greasiness and rebalancing it. The shampoo also contains sebum-stabilising complexes, which reduce the fermentation of fats, as well as complexes to limit the occurrence of bad smells. Using this product regularly also helps to strengthen fine and fragile hair.

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Apply 10 ml of HS Shampoo to the scalp, massaging it in while using just enough water to obtain a soft emulsion; then rinse it out.

In the case of greasy hair with dandruff, combine HS Shampoo with AT Shampoo. In the case of seborrhoea with hyperhidrosis, combine HS Shampoo with Extra Mild Shampoo.