Extra Mild Shampoo

200 ml


Enriched with soothing ingredients, Extra Mild Shampoo is extremely gentle and ideal for sensitive, irritated, itchy, and erythemic scalps as well as for fine and fragile hair. It is great for frequent washing and is also suitable for children, leaving hair soft and extremely light. It also helps to improve conditions of hyperhidrosis, when the tresses look more wet than greasy.

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Apply 10 ml of Extra Mild Shampoo to the scalp and through wet hair, massaging it in while using just enough water to obtain a soft emulsion; then rinse it out.

In the case of seborrhea with hyperhidrosis, combine Extra Mild Shampoo with HS Shampoo. After using colour, it removes the metallic undertones and any alkaline residue. In the case of fine and fragile hair, combine it with Energizing and Revitalizing Shampoo.